Share your Brave Stats

Just want to say, I sincerely enjoy using the Brave Browser. Free, open-source, privacy-focused, bandwidth-saving, ad and tracker blocking, and did I mention free? I am totally hooked on the rewards as an added bonus. I still can’t believe I am being paid to browse the internet as I normally would.

With that said, there isn’t enough positivity going around within this community, so I wanted to share some.

I have been using Brave since sometime in January 2021. I’m on a MacBook Pro 2020 using MacOS Monterey. Here are my stats so far, which I am totally impressed by:

How long have you been using Brave, and what do your Brave Stats total up to? Please share below.

Thank you, Brave!


Using 4 months; about 3 months as main browser. :slightly_smiling_face: I do have other profiles I use… so stats not reflective across all profiles but still impressive. Love that Trackers & ads blocked number! lol


Smart people use Brave!

Love the ability to see my stats and customize new tabs. Newbie exploring all it has to offer.

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This is me in about a year-


@jabbrwock That image is lovely. Can you send it to me too, I will customize my new tab page as well.

Glad that OP didn’t ask to share cumulative BAT earnings as well as that would have created an arms race with a lot of anguish, resentment, boasting and what not. :grin: Love the vibe here.

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You can get good images from

The current default New tab images are also from unsplash. Unsplash is currently a big name in this tech region.

@jabbrwock Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face:

I love that background picture too! Very nice.

Agreed! lol

I downloaded background images from that site for a couple of my profiles.

Hmmm, maybe someone could start a “What background image do you use” topic. That would be a fun topic too. Of course, would have to put a “no adult content allowed” type message. I’m sure that is probably out there… :stuck_out_tongue:

Particularly ecchi/hentai/waifu pics : )

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Thank you! It’s the “School of Athens” by Raphael. Here’s a high res image


Anyone can alter them anyway.

@jabbrwock Thank-you! :smiley:

Well, I couldn’t, or rather I could try, but it would be obvious! :laughing:

Never could get the hang of editing images. They always look a mess and the programs were so complex! Just didn’t have the heart to really learn how to use them. You have any really easy programs you could suggest? :smiley:

You do not need specific skills/software, the browser does that for you.

Ah, OK… then I don’t know what you meant by…

I thought you meant anyone can alter what is displayed in an image by editing the image! Ooops.

So, what did you mean? I do not understand what you are saying, obviously! and sorry about that but could you spell it out for me. It’s probably something simple and obvious I’m just not catching or that I’m reading wrong. :blush:

Thank you guys for sharing! This has been interesting.

Anyone else?