Brave sponsored images not giving any BAT

Whenever I saw the sponsored images the daily estimated earnings would increase in value, but now the value stays the same, and it’s not because I saw too many images in a day. I have Brave installed in my laptop and I can see the values increasing in it, but in my desktop browser the counter stopped completely for the sponsored images (it increases when I get adds notifications). Is this some kind of bug?

Hi @lucasdcs, not all the sponsored images we may see are supported in our regions. You can check what ad campaigns are currently available for your region here:

Hi @saereV . I don’t think the problem is region related, as I’ve said above, I have no problems receiving BAT from sponsored images in my laptop, and I’m seeing the same images in both devices.

Hi @lucasdcs, I was trying to help others figure out what could be going on, but have realised I haven’t seen any BAT accumulation on both my desktop and Android, either - desktop, the evening before the latest update, and my Android, all day. (EDIT: I’m not really aggressive with pursuing BAT, so I don’t believe I’ve hit any limits.)

(I usually get different sponsored ads between my desktop and my mobile - no VPNs running.)

My mobile was always spot on with receiving BAT with sponsored images, but yesterday and today, I haven’t seen BAT accumulating as I did before. And this is a sponsored image shown in my Brave ads catalogue viewer that I’ve been getting all day:

My desktop hasn’t displayed any sponsored images supported in my region for two days now.

I can’t speak on notification ads, because I haven’t received any yet today, on either devices. I thought I did on my desktop, but as my BAT amount hasn’t changed, I just may be mistaken… but now we are speaking about it, I really don’t know.

I was getting ads all right before, but I still went through these to double-check my settings, etc. Have you done so as well? (I’m sorry, I never asked what OS you are.)

Earlier, I read this post, which I thought was interesting:

But I can’t confirm if it works as I didn’t try it.

Hi @lucasdcs , I just wanted to update you: I’ve been receiving sponsored images and ads on my desktop and Android since I’ve been online this morning - and my BAT is reflecting this. So the last few days were, what I’ve come to think of as, ‘slow’ days :upside_down_face:

How about you? Are you seeing accumulation in BAT now, too?

Edit I didn’t change or alter any settings, either. They’ve just been coming and BAT’s been growing once more :slight_smile:

Hi @saereV , sorry for the delay. I’ve also been receiving some BAT in my desktop browser, although not as much as in my laptop. I think you’re right when you say about slow days, but even so, it’s strange that these slow days doesn’t affect my laptop earnings.

Hi @lucasdcs, no problem :slight_smile:

Are you more active on your laptop versus your desktop? I read this on another post that could offer some explanation…

There’s much I’m still learning, too :slight_smile:
BAT is a nice incentive or bonus, but I really do like the browser for what it is and could be, so I admit I haven’t been very focused on my BAT. I’m newer, too, and I’ve not had the time put in to accumulate so much that I can compare it to earlier times. Actually, I’m waiting to see if I’ll even get a payout this time, as I started mid-month.

So far today, I’ve had a few ad notifications on my desktop and got some BAT, and one on my Android (I’m using my desktop much more, too, right now). I’m not getting any BAT for sponsored images on either device right now :upside_down_face:
(Edit: but the sponsored images I’m getting are not in my Brave Ads Catalog Viewer any longer, too, so I expected that.)

I’m equally active on both, but from what I’ve seen from other posts, there is no guarantee that you will get any ads. I guess I’ll just stick to buying BAT from exchanges.

Also sharing, since it has the same topic: BAT not increasing when viewing sponsored images - #16 by saereV

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