Brave Shields iOS - list of disabled sites


Is there a way to curate the list of configured sites on Brave Shields iOS? For example, view, add, delete, or configure.

I want to curate a list of sites that I want Brave Shields to be disabled for. I want to make sure the privacy levels are appropriate (e.g. removing outdated irrelevant sites), and I also want to add prefix matching for certain domains (e.g. banking).

@music not quite sure on what you’re asking, but there’s no setting to navigate to which will show all specific Shields settings that I’m aware of. That said, when you visit sites, you can look at the Shields widget (the lion icon next to the address bar) and you will have some configuration there. What you change via that widget will be for that particular website only.

And unlike Desktop and Android, we don’t have the options to change the level of blocking on a per site basis. We have the default level of settings in Brave’s SettingsBrave Shields & Privacy which is global. Otherwise in that widget for per site, you have the option of turning protection off or on. I’m not quite sure when they’ll let us toggle on per site to go between aggressive, normal, and none.

Yeps this will be what I would hope to see!

What you change via that widget will be for that particular website only.

The difficulty is not knowing how Shield was configured for that site, unless the Widget was manually expanded. Another difficulty is finding out what other sites had been configured previously.

One scenario - I might have previously disabled or reduced Shields for Youtube and Instagram. I soon forgot about it, and wouldn’t know unless I examined the expanded Shields widget for each and every site.

Another scenario - I want to allow certain subdomains * But there’s no way to do so. I’d have to navigate to that site and all relevant subdomains (while avoiding auto redirects) and set it manually. God Forbid if I need to revisit or review that setting in the future, too.