Ability to review all per-site shield settings

I’d like the ability to review my site-specific shield settings. For example, maybe I temporarily disabled something for a particular uncommon workflow on a site, but forgot to turn it back on. Maybe I just want to clean up old exclusions I no longer need.

As far as I know, there’s nowhere I can see a list of all per-site shield rules. I have to visit each and every site I might have defined rules for to see if there’s a rule defined for the site. If there is a way to see this that I’m unaware of, please let me know.

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Hello, above the browser you will find the BRAVE icon “lion” there you can remove the protection for that site, which does not leave protection to other sites, that option you can see in the image that is here, I hope it.
but I do not know if there is a list to exclude sites but this helps me that if I use a certain site again it is deactivated only for that

I believe what @keegan is asking for is a comprehensive list somewhere that records which sites have which settings applied to them.

For example, if I have visited 3 sites, and for two of them I’ve changed my Shields settings (per-site) to Block Scripts – there should be a page/list that I can view that shows the two sites I visited along with their associated Shields settings.

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Yea, I’m aware of that. But I have to visit the site I want to adjust before I can click on the Lion. What I wanted was a settings page where I could see something like

Ads and trackers blocked = false

device recognition = all device recognition allowed

shields up = false

In other words, a page that lets me see all site overrides at once (and preferably be able to modify in bulk).


@keegan @Mattches I’ll add my +1 here.

Previous Brave (muon) have this kind of info listed under Preferences > Security. :slight_smile:


I am using Brave version 1.3.118. Is there any way to check per-site settings?

I don’t necessarily need a UI, if I have to modify some config text file it would be enough.

Would be useful to have this for the same reason it’s useful to have brave://settings/content .

In fact the link to brave://settings/content in the settings is already labeled “Site and shields settings” even though there are no Shields settings currently shown there.

See also:

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