Brave AdBlock - Shields


I would like to have a feature where I can see the specific settings for every page that I changed the adblocker of brave. At the moment the only way how to check the settings for a specific site is if you open the site, but I want to have an overview where I have changed or disabled the settings of the brave shield

Not easy since there is some changes that are generic (covers every site) and then specific to the site. Blocked items will show in shields, but cosmetics and snippets won’t show

I think OP meant site-specific Brave Shields settings.

For example:

  • Trackers & ads blocked: Aggressive / Standard / Allowed
  • Connections upgraded to HTTPS: Enabled / Disabled
  • Scripts blocked: Enabled / Disabled
  • Cookies: Cross-site blocked / All blocked / All allowed
  • Fingerprinting: Aggressive / Standard / Allowed

You know, an option to see a list of websites where site-specific Brave Shields settings have been changed. Right now, no one knows where they have changed Brave Shields settings.


Yes that would be perfect, something like a “Whitelist” for the Shield just with all the adjusted settings on the sites that I’ve changed.

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Any update regarding this topic :)?