Brave Shields Have Become Garbage Headache For Google Recaptcha

What the heck did Brave do to Shields now that every site I visit now I get “Access Denied” “Cannot Verify You Are Human” when Shields are enabled? I am getting sick and tired of having to turn off shields on every site that uses Recaptcha V3 just to be able to submit a form. Never had these problems before, It’s getting worse and worse. Started about two weeks ago, Google must have made some new update or something where it does not like the brave browser.

I switched over to Microsoft Edge and no problems to report. Able to submit forms without being blocked by Google in Brave. Only fix in Brave is to constantly turn off shields which is the whole point of having Brave in the first place to protect my privacy when you now have to disable shields so Google can fingerprint the entire system so it can allow you to submit forms now.

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