Brave and Google reCAPTCHA Enterprise

I wonder if anyone can help me out. Ever since Google made an update to Google reCAPTCHA Enterprise (The little icon on the bottom right) which uses fingerprinting. I cannot submit any form because the site automatically blocks me or give me a “Failed ReCAPTCHA” message because for some reason when shields are on it gives a low 0.1 score in the reputation score labeling me as a bot. I never had these problems before and looks like Google made a big update the past few weeks to the core of this system where if it see any tracker being blocked it automatically denies you access and gives you a low score.

The only thing I found to get around it is, turning off shields completely in order to pass reCAPTCHA Enterprise. Does not make in sense having to turn off shields on every site now that uses this system if you get my point and also expose every tracker and mechanism to Google about my browser. Wondering if something can be done in the future by the shields team to put a stop to Google and their new way of blocking Brave users?

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