Brave Shields aren't working on Youtube. Message "Ad blockers violate Youtube Term's of Service"

Bah, you’re right. Titles are kind of similar so I didn’t catch it in my quick reading. The one you linked is where I initially was merging but I hit “keep chronological order” and it placed someone else on top of my post. So then moved over once again to one below, which is active and I was thinking of in my reply to you just above.

Edit: Thanks for answering and not being rude or anything. I had been asking and stating everything as a matter of fact. So was awesome to see a straight reply, which let me look back, realize the mistake made, and make a correction in response.

Well, there’s the active one at YouTube Aggregated issue (Merged Topic) from December. But yeah, lot of times it does take just having to search through things, like in the Search Before Posting article I wrote, which kind of shows how to search through Community.

I tend to always make sure to change how it sorts it, putting Latest Post instead of Most Relevant as seems to do me a bit better on finding issues and solutions. But experiences will vary.