Brave Shield affecting fonts

So I have used a website for a long time, and today the fonts changed on the site in Brave, I checked other browsers and it was still the nice, old font.
Anyway after trying a few things I turned the sheild protection off and the font went back to the nice look old font.

Any ideas how to fix it and keep shield enabled?

See this:



That makes no sense, because if the font in windows was broken or corrupt etc, then it would be for both the shielded and unshielded load of the page.


If you visit the link:

Font not working properly on latest V1.39.111 desktop revision - #2 by 289wk

. . . you may study and learn more.

IF you go to Brave Browser > Developer Tools, and monitor the Network traffic as well as learn the usefulness of some other tools, there, you may observe that there are sometimes cookies and javascripts that [let us say] can ‘influence’ / ‘regulate’ the odds of what gets downloaded from a website . . . to a computing device and Internet browser.

And so, Brave Browser Shields settings in addition to whatever are your Brave Browser > Settings . . . can sometimes affect what fonts, for example, are displayed / rendered for your viewing.

Visit the link. Read about:

Ace, I just tried to tag one of the Brave staff on another and I included a link to this post. Overall, I’d just wait for when Fanboynz can pop in and help, if Mattches or someone else doesn’t show up. The reason why I’m saying Fanboynz is because he does a lot of the work on Shields and adblocking, so I’m assuming he’d be the one to kind of rely on.

Not sure when he’ll be around. It is the weekend and staff often don’t pop in too much then. So may have to wait a couple days. Anyway, primary Topic I hope we can move discussion into will be Weird Blurry Fonts when Brave Shields Enabled

Additional information @Mattches @fanboynz. Brave GitHub issue report probably related posted below. Additional reddit link to users experiencing problem in the issue report.

This seems to be related to Shield’s “Block fingerprinting” option (standard or strict) as disabling it fixes the problem.


  1. Can you try disabling fingerprint blocking and see if the problem still occurs? Keep shields up. From the same issue report, you may have to restart your browser to see updated results.

  2. The person reporting the issue was on a macOS but the issue has also been reported on reddit on win10. What is your OS version?

  3. Also, per the issue report:

    Note: Only seems to happens on pages without custom fonts. A sub (eg: Brave’s sub) with a custom theme looks fine (unless you disable custom themes on your reddit account). Please note that this issue is not limited to reddit.

    I’m wondering if this might be related to the Helvectica font-family issue @289wk explained in his linked post above. Can you check to see if that font-family is in use on the sites you are having issues with? You could also try the following and see if it makes a difference. The more information provided the better! Please post an update.

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disabling fingerprint blocking did fix the font style.

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Good news in a way. We now know this is a known issue already reported at Brave GitHub. There are even more posts from users experiencing the same problem. You may want to track that GitHub issue report for updates.

Could you please provide your OS version? So far, macOS, win8, and win10 users have reported issues. Issue does not seem to be occurring on win11. Would probably help if you could provide your OS version. You can find your OS version at brave://version.

Also, I checked and looks like some of the sites posted in the issue report are using the Helvetica font. Could you test the workaround above on your system with shields and fingerprint blocking enabled? Even if you are on a different OS, the basic steps should be the same. Just look for where your fonts are stored in your system. I would test but the issue is not happening with me. I use win10 OS.

Edit: I’m really curious to know if the two issues are at all related! The test would just be a confirmation that they are not. It is mostly for my information, but please try the test if you have time. Thank-you!

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