Brave Searchbar Suggestion (UI/UX)

Just a quick image composition I would like to contribute. I might improve it further but I think the idea behind it is very easy to get. This is just for the Desktop but might be something for mobile, too.


  • Many or all of the current browser’s have a specific issue when entering text into the browsers address bar!
  • especially in Chrome once you enter a text it feels very annoying because !most! of the times the term or site you search for is not shown within the time span of the first keyboard inputs
  • especially in Chrome when searching for terms or sites
  • users most recent search terms are not shown first
  • the users favorite search terms are not shown first
  • the user has to use his mouse or the arrow keys to interact
  • most of the times the user has to completely write his / her search sentence

Solution (Suggestion):
While entering text into the Searchbar, e.g. the “Select / Flyout” Element of the Search bar should be splitted into two columns. On the left only favorite and recent search terms / weblinks. And on the right side only the current search progress results (e.g. the “usual” basic feature of a “Select / Flyout”). All inside the Search. This would not just lead to a two column searchbar, in addition and because of the little twist with the elements positions it would also lead to a very usefull and advantageous UX.

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Offtopic: OMG I did the correct Fibonacci on this without even setting it. :alien::sunglasses:

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cc @clifton @rebron2000 @rossmoody on this

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