Search bar, additional to the URL bar, like classic firefox

One thing that is incredibly infuriating about Chrome and Brave.
No search bar.

  • But you don’t need it, just type in the address bar.

But what if it something that you need to search for, letter for letter that you see on a webpage?

  • Oh but you just select the text and right click search xxxx for “yyyyyy”

You can’t do that with text embedded within a video or an image! Which in my field is 90% of the time!

With firefox should I see a term, phrase or partnumber I wished to search that was embedded within an image or video I could type it letter for letter into the search bar whilst looking at the said video or image and then click new tab and perform the search.

With the omnibar I have to type it into there, then select all, copy, new tab, paste and go.

As a result, despite being the fastest browser brave on whole it costs me more time than it saves because of this.

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Try it yourself, start a search for the partnumber in pic attached quickly and easily opening it in a new tab without interfering with this one.
It’s very easy to do with a separate search bar.

I would like to see this feature added also. I tend to use the search bar as a holding place for searches. I can copy text on a page, paste it in to the search bar, open a new tab and the search bar contents are still there. then click search without loosing the page in the other tab.
I can go to multiple pages while retaining the contents of the search bar and make slight adjustments to my search text.
Someone said , in another thread that no Chrome based browsers have a search bar, but Vivaldi does.

I’d like this feature added as well. I use it for managing my default search engine and searching a part of an address that’s in the address bar. Having a single bar that “does everything” is messier and more work on my part.

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Yes - I need to search among tabs as well. Would propose to use floating bar tab search like in Vivaldi - - much more comfortable and faster approach.