Brave search functionality feedback

I use different search engines, depending on what I use it for.

  • Yandex - Images, and by far the reverse image search. Far superior over Google’s reverse image search, mostly concerning female pictures. I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours on searching with Yandex’s reverse image search.
  • Searx - Site related search, not only, but most convenient for reddit related search results
  • Duckduckgo - General search, most comparable to google’s general search.

If I could use a Searx instance without the instance going down, for whatever reason, I would stick to it, because it generally provides results more related to my search. Not just Reddit, the general results are usually better than with Duckduckgo.

For instance, when I search for a free movie stream with Searx or Duckduckgo, Searx provides all kinds of results, from all kinds of free movie stream sites, whereas Duckduckgo generally doesn’t give results on free movie stream sites. (Now, I don’t use movie stream sites anymore, because I can watch anything with stremio, but you get my point.)

I rarely use Google’s general search. The few times I do, Google never has better search results.

Because Google’s search features are curated differently based on location, how much google knows about you etc. Google has the best search algorithms hands down, if you’re looking to stream illegal content Google’s superior algorithm simply will not display the results because they curate results.

Duckduckgo doesn’t curate their results and as far as I know suppress certain content. Try Boolean in your search for something specific.

I was explaining my experience with other search engines, and what features I like. This is simply how I experience those search engines. And I simply mean for Brave search to be an all-in-one search engine, optimizing on the things that matter.
Maybe other people consider certain aspects of Google superior over other search engines, maybe other people don’t. To me, Google is 100% not better.
Google is UI/UX optimised. That’s why most people go with Google. Only Google’s censorship and moderation is the reason for Duckduckgo’s popularity, the same why Odysee is growing fast. (In case you’re not aware of Odysee, go to, and you’ll see.)
Besides, I’ve mentioned movies. Whatever source I’m looking for, in my experience Google is not the best in serving me the results I’m looking for.

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Sorry for assumptions. I understand what you are saying now.

To be clear I hate Google as well, it used to be so much better 15 years ago.