Getting More ADS but Less POINT Bat

Getting More ADS but Less POINTS

According to some online sources, the average “cost per click” for advertising on Social Platforms is about 0.28 cents in the U.S. One BAT is worth about 0.40 cents currently. If currently the average payout for “cost per click” on Brave Browser is 0.05 BAT, that would mean, that a person would currently receive only .02 cents per click on a advertisement.
Even though BAT might have a chance to appreciate in value in the future and they might not be able to compete with Social Media companies, I wonder how people are going to be incentivized to sign up in the future when they know they are only getting about $0.02 cents every time they click on a advertisement?
Why was the “cost per click” in BAT reduced so drastically?

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Short answer: Is a stingy publishers thing (probably due to Covid-19) not braves.

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It has reduced, I assume when bat went from being displayed as 0.00 to 0.000 in a recent update. This is an assumption that this gave the advertisers the option to pay less per advert. So yes the advertiser sets the amount and has the opportunity to offer less now. Without doubt what you get now is way lower than before. I could get 2-3 bats a day now that takes a week. Same advertisers. To say nothings changed would be factually wrong, something has changed. We are all supporters of the brave product just need some honesty , like with ads, apparently no issues yet all forms of community, reddit etc is flooded with people posting this issue, yet it dosent exist.

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That display chanched due to wrong conception, bat had always been counted on 3 decimal positions but the past counter didn’t reflect this.

As for publishers side, we not know how their interface is, so we can only guess.

Also take in count that bat has a higher price than before, they can not pay us what they don’t have. If price goes up they have to adjust what pubishers give them (real money no BAT) to give the same amount of what the publisher originaly destinated per user. BAT actually has 43.10% more value than last month.

check this you will get the answer see that chart u will get the answer

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