Brave Rewards : User Wallets - A significant update

hey @luna – this is just a step by step playbook to get there. If any other financial services company would store, exchange, and provide us APIs, I think we’d look in to them. That being said making it convenient to spend is coming up since credit cards processed via Visa is not news; processing BAT and ensuring fraud does not happen is non trivial.

Its mostly confusing because it is a hard problem to weave the existing fiat processing worlds and crypto worlds and develop real world use cases that just work, and work ultra seamless on day-1.

Uphold, like you pointed out, is church and state to Brave and allows us to outsource the banking and KYC/verification burden while tackling the needed compliance issues we deal with everyday.

All I can is we are not done yet! Expect a lot of what you said to happen but partners need to be ready, we need to be big enough for them, and the use cases for quick network growth need to evolve. We are, however, giving it a go trying and erring along the way!


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That is a correct assumption. The key issue is wallets that can work with BAT and can scale APIs that allow integrations easier. We just launched Crypto Wallets that will allow Dapps to work as well - separate but relevant and one can do a lot more there. The Uphold/Brave Rewards use case is very specifically related to BAT earnings, and spending between the advertiser, browser, and creators where we need to stay onside of compliance laws.

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My wallet used to have 48 BAT Now it has nothing and says funds do. It says the following

‘You’ve designated 1.0 BAT for creators who haven’t yet signed up to receive contributions. Your browser will keep trying to contribute until they verify, or until 90 days have passed. Learn more.’ I have never done anything.


Hey, thanks for replying. Wherever there is an open forum about a product there is a bagillion complaints. Thanks for thoughtfully addressing mine; it is very important to me.

I look forward to being able to run my card and give creators cash. I would also, at that time, really up the amount I recommend Brave, though it is already pretty high.

Thanks for not just doing this work but being actively engaged and accessible to your user base!


And we look forward to reinventing this internet mess with you @luna. We forget we are too occupied building, which is great but so is listening and answering!

Craig - you may have turned on auto-contribute. Click on the BAT logo and go to settings. The panel itself will show you pending contributions (for creators who are not verified for us). But more clearly, it may give you an idea that your attention is being captured and BAT on your behalf is being sent to creators. However, at Brave everything is a choice and you can turn it off if you did not mean to contribute.

My auto-contribute is off and I have no idea where the 48 BAT went. I just wanted to stay in the green but I don’t have contribute to anyone. The only people I want to make the money are the developers so I offered them my 48. But I didn’t want to be zero.



may be some of the previously pending creators had become verified. Something similar happened when I tipped someone few days before they registered. That is the only plausible explanation. Have you also tried restoring wallet Key

I will still going to hope that yoo’ll going to have another wallet for the creators rewards aside from uphold. Anyway thank you for the response.

I did not know how. I will try. If I owe something I will pay but I think this is a mix-up.


Did you use your own money to funding the wallet? Or is it from grants?

If it’s from grants, then maybe it’s already “expired” – not used for 90 days and ve sent back to UGP.

I did not use my own money I do not understand the wallet. Just like the software!



    August 17

My wallet used to have 48 BAT Now it has nothing

Did you use your own money to funding the wallet? Or is it from grants?

If it’s from grants, then maybe it’s already “expired” – not used for 90 days and ve sent back to UGP.

why are you not using coinbase as wallet? Coinbase has BAT in his list and you are in partnership with them or not? i can not understand why you are using uphold with his complicate and confusing dashboard.

As noted in the update to the post above… you can add additional funds without fully verifying with Uphold. If you establish an account with Uphold, but don’t go the full distance and verify with government ID, you can still add up to $1000 in BAT to your Brave Rewards wallet.

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The only way the 48 BAT may disappeared is if they were grants. Grants, if not used, have an expiry grant and they go back to the pool!

I know nothing about that I simply said if the developers want it they can take it. But I don’t want zero.