Brave Rewards stuck in pending mode since April on mobile Brave (Android)

I installed Brave on my Android mobile in April and collected 23.0 BAT so far but they are stuck in “Estimated pending rewards” since then; I did not receive any “Claim” notifications so far :frowning:

Now, as the next payment date was this week it simply switched from “Nov 5” to “Dec 5” again without giving me the option to claim those pending rewards. What do I need to do to claim them?

Oh, and I did also not get the grant of this week although my girlfriend got it on her Android phone - maybe this is connected? It somehow feels like my Brave is only “semi-activated”…

Can anyone from the team please help me out here? Thank you in advance!

Oh, and chrome://rewards-internals tells me “Key Info Seed: Valid … Wallet Created: 4/22/2019”.

Here you can see the estimated rewards, pending since April:

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Hello? Can someone from the team please have a look?

Brave Wallet is provided by Uphold.
In the desktop version we have to link/verify our wallet with uphold account, once done the pending BAT are transferred to uphold cards.
Currently we don’t have the feature to link uphold account on the mobile version. So we need to wait until they provide us the feature.
Thereafter you would be able to claim the BATs.

@DeMoliT1on While you’re right that there is no way to link your wallet to Uphold on mobile Brave, it is NOT correct that you can not claim the pending BATs!

On Android it IS possible to receive ads, collect BATs, then on the 5th of each month claim them and they should be credited to your mobile wallet. You can then tip your favorite sites/publishers etc.

Ok, update:

while the BATs on this install are still stuck, after doing the steps in

the support sent me the missing BATs directly to my Uphold wallet so I’ll be closing this thread though it would have been nice to know what the basic issue is/was – I guess we will never find out :slight_smile:

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