Brave Rewards stuck in pending mode

I installed Brave on my Android mobile and in my Windows Laptop in September and collected 1 BAT so far but they are stuck in “Estimated pending rewards” since then; I did not receive any “Claim” notifications so far :frowning:

Now, as the next payment date was this week it simply switched from “Oct 5” to “Nov 5” again without giving me the option to claim those pending rewards in any of the devices. What do I need to do to claim them?

I already verified my Uphold account.

Can anyone from the team please help me out here? Thank you in advance

Hello @ignaciodrd

this is expected

and for the payment it still processing check this post

and it take days to complete and pay everyone so wait till it get completed and you did not get paid after that then mention steeven

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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