Brave Rewards Screen Blank

Description of the issue:
I am back to Brave after several years of non-use. In the past I connected the browser to an Uphold wallet (never received any rewards), but now I’d like to use a Gemini wallet. When I access the brave://rewards url, I am presented with a mostly blank field and several JS errors in the console.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open brave://rewards after disconnecting your Uphold wallet.

Expected result:
I would hope to see the original rewards screen with the option to connect to a new wallet.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave: 1.37.109
Chromium: 100.0.4896.60

** OS **
Debian 11

Additional Information:
Screenshot included of what I’m seeing, as well as partial console output.

Are you running some blocklist via DNS filtering like pihole??

@Mattches @sampson

Nope @chh_68. And none of the other brave:// locations are erroring.

Does the Brave Rewards panel also appear blank?

@Mattches the widget is still available and tracking. But anything brave://rewards related is all blank.

Thanks for letting me know. Any extensions installed at this time? I’m also curious if you go to brave://adblock if you haven anything set to be cleared in the Custom filters page? I’m wondering if perhaps you’ve accidentally added some element(s) on this page to the list which would block them.

I’ve also reached out to the team for more info — I know we have a similar issue open for Android but I haven’t seen anything about it on Desktop.

Appreciate your patience.

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I didn’t have anything set to be specifically blocked. I found the issue to be in my config settings. There was a bad hash value for my Uphold wallet which was causing the JavaScript error. To resolve I removed my config and cache files completely and relaunched. I did lose the ~1 BAT (not a big deal) accumulated for this month, but still worth it in my opinion to have the browser.

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Great detective work — glad you were able to resolve this. I will forward this information to our Rewards team for review as well.

Hello. i also have the same issue. As @jeub said he deleted some files. Could you tell me which files to delete as I do not want to cause any damage? Thanks.

Hi @antalpha,

I took the below steps which resolved my particular issue but also caused my browser to think it was brand spanking new (i.e. I lost all accumulated monthly BAT Ad Rewards).

rm -rf ~/.cache/BraveSoftware
rm -fr ~/.config/BraveSoftware

Thank you. And where do i input this? If i copy it in the Console it says “invalid token”. Thanks for the help.

Are you on a Linux machine? This would go in your terminal not your js console.

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