Blank Rewards Page on Browser

Whenever i open my browser and check my rewards, it is blank. Can ANYONE from brave fix this?

Clicking on verify is also blank.

Searched the community and found the topics below. Appears to be a known issue. The link to the issue report on Brave GitHub is posted in a reply if you want to track and check on status. They also have some workarounds to try, didn’t work in that users case but may work in yours.

Here is another post (a little older) specifically about Android devices.

And here’s one but on a Linux OS but it had a solution. Not sure if it would apply in an Android environment but you can look it over.

I’m going to link this in the other topic where you replied so the information will be available there too.

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This is a known issue that the team is working on presently:

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Any idea when this will be fixed?

Seems like it might already be released in Nightly per a comment in the issue report. No other comments and nothing entered in the milestone where they usually put version releases.

Do you know when this will go to prod?

Below is the issue report tracking the fix. Looks like it will be released in the next version update. I think (but definitely not sure) Desktop 1.37.111 is 1.37.x - Release #3, Android 1.37.112 is 1.37.x - Release #4, and iOS Android 1.37.x - Release #5. Could be wrong about these, gets confusing. :grin: Should be soon though!

Rewards page blank with devtools errors


Edit: Ugh, looking into more, actually looks like Release #5 is a Desktop + Android release, not iOS. Release #6 is also Desktop + Android. Release #5 is due by April 12 and #6 has no due date. I don’t know if #5 is rolled into #6 or if it is a standalone. Trying to figure out information at GitHub is a nightmare! There has to be somewhere that explains and lists this information I just can’t find it! lol Hopefully both will come out soon! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Also, this appears to backend work so these issue fixes will not be in the Release Notes. It will just be “magically” fixed I guess. :smiley:

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