Brave Rewards Notifications Pop-up Won't Stop


Just last night I started having an issue with my mobile browser. Every time I load a webpage, I get a pop-up at the bottom of my screen that says “Notifications are disabled: Brave Rewards may not work while notifications are disabled.”

It pops up every single time I load a new webpage…it has literally made my browser unusable and is extremely frustrating. I attached a photo at the bottom.

Samsung S20 FE 5G
Android version 13
Brave version 1.51.110


Are they enabled though ?
Also does going to brave://flags and enabling ’ Allow Brave Ads to fallback from native to custom push notifications’ and ’ Enable Brave Ads custom push notifications’ help ?

@Phillyman Well, you need to make a decision then. Either disable Rewards or allow Brave to serve notifications. It’s letting you know that you have Brave Rewards enabled but you’re not allowing Brave to send you notifications, hence your issue.

@saoiray what if they have notifications enabled but get the error saying notifications are turned off?
I remember there was a bug about this being rectified some time back…

This isn’t the problem. This wasn’t happening to me 10 minutes ago and now it is. I do not have rewards enabled and I’ve changed absolutely nothing it just randomly started all the sudden and won’t stop

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