I cannot Re-link my laptop with my uphold account

im having issues with my rewards i cannot link my uphold account i showing me the error Your Brave Rewards cannot be verified because you’ve reached the maximum verified device limit.

i used to have the account link on my laptop i had it verified already but suddenly my laptop was unverified now i cannot verify my account and i have right now 47 bats on my account what can i do?

any sort of help would be appreciated :frowning:

You can submit a wallet unlinking request. See “How to Submit a Wallet Unlinking Request” below. I’ve also posted other related information. Linking limits were supposed to be removed after the May payouts but, since some users are still having issues receiving payouts, implementation will probably be delayed again. The Brave GitHub issue report is posted below for reference or if you want to check on status.

ISSUE: Device Limit Reached

Context :
How many Brave Rewards wallets can be linked to my crypto custodian account?

This link is for Instructions and a link to the Request form to Unlink a Device :
How to Submit a Wallet Unlinking Request

Detailed Instructions with Screenshots below:
How to Remove Verified Devices (screenshots)

Additional Screenshots:
Form Screenshot (enlarged)
Rewards Internals Screenshot (enlarged)

Thanks to @Herrvader for the all screenshots!

Brave GitHub Issue Report :
Implement solution for linking limits

Update (Linking Limits)

Comment by Miyayes (Issue Author/Brave-Browser Collaborator)

Thanks to @IanMoone for image!

thanks a lot i just summited the request :slight_smile:

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