Brave Rewards not transferring on my uphold Account

My uphold account is already verify I was able to claim my first months but this 2nd month the rewards is just in my browser but to transferring in my uphold account, can anyone help me?

@rcbaldoza Can you do a favor and share a screenshot of your brave://rewards/ page? I am asking as it will help me to better understand what you’re saying and will show if you have been verified. I am reading your question in a few different ways, so I want to be certain of what issue you are having.

Below is the screenshot on my brave browser

I’am already verified

But on my uphold I have only 3.7 BAT, can you help? Thanks in advance


I have exactly the same situation.

The integration of brave with different wallet exchange is currently down due to the currently two updates. Most people are affected with the problem, we are waiting for their reply.

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i see where do we can check for the updates or news?

@rcbaldoza Send a message (DM) to @Mattches and include your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals when you do. Just keep it in DM and don’t post that info here. Explain what you did here, maybe even link to this thread.

Btw, you can kind of answer yourself a bit too. Like when you look at the Wallet Info on brave://rewards-internals you’ll notice it breaks it down in Balance Info and all where your BAT is being stored. If it doesn’t show it all in Uphold, then we know somehow some of it got stuck in your browser or whatever.

Either way, it’s going to take Brave Support to handle it. Mattches or Steeven are the two who typically process.

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What they were referring to was an issue with Gemini, where I see you’re on Uphold. That said, Uphold payments are still pending. I’m not sure if it’s still yet a similar issue with Uphold as was with Gemini or what’s going on.,

As to Gemini, I updated at PSA: Gemini is down AGAIN!

When it comes to Uphold, guess you just have to keep an eye for notifications/posts being made about it or you can check out which often has a banner on top showing if all payments are out. Currently it just has a spinning thing for Uphold AND on the other official post here, it shows processing and not complete.

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I too have the same problem, haven’t received my payout for Jan.

thanks for sharing this i as I see it is currently 96% completed in my region payout

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