Brave Rewards Not Receive

Brave reward of December is not receive. I am using zebpay wallet from India.

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Hey. raise a ticket at

Make sure to share the ticket id here (you’ll get one to your email when you submit the ticket).

Also please be patient as it could take upto 2 - 3 weeks for a response due to the high number of incoming tickets, thanks!

When I send email for support to brave community. I received this email.

I am new user. What is the meaning of this email? My account is flagged? But I receive ads. Sorry I forgot to say I am using multiple accounts. I see my brave wallet it’s show 0 bat. This is my first payment. I listen multiple accounts payment are arrived late. This is true? Please solve my this problem. Say all problem in deep. How I fix this? Please tell me about this solution.

Sent you a DM. Thanks

Meaning of the email is to say your activity was suspicious and you can’t use Rewards. Another way of phrasing is you violated Terms of Use and therefore can’t earn and will not be receiving payments.

You can’t. They are saying they did a thorough investigation and are confident in your abuse or misuse of Rewards. They have given you a final decision, in which they say your account will remain flagged.

What is mean by DM? Please tell me?

“DM” means “direct message”. So they will send you a message privately to your inbox, rather than post publicly here in this thread.

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