Brave Rewards not adding

Just wondering if others are having issues with rewards adding to your total. I have been clicking on the ones for Block Fi and nothing is counting today.

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Sometimes after an update of the browser (or extensions) the rewards stop working properly.
Try creating a new profile, emblem the rewards and see if it works properly, if it does then is probably that an extension is causing the problem (happened to me)

Extensions can cause reward problems? Can you give an example?

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That’s funny because I haven’t added any new extensions and yet I’m having a similar problem for sponsored images

See Ad History + Brave Rewards not updating.

Let me try disabling anyway to see if it’ll do any good.

Edit: No apparent effect even with all extensions disabled.

it is not immediate, try with a new profile and browse normally, it took me almost a day find where problem was :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I haven’t added any new extension either, it was one the extension I already had who started causing the problem, probably after an update

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So I decided not to reset my profile and today I received sponsored images which seem to update BAT just fine. Perhaps something was broken with ad delivery?

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