Sponsored Images: Ad History + Brave Rewards not updating

Hi, I’ve received about 3 “SIMPLE Mobile” ads this morning and noticed that my Estimated Rewards haven’t updated even slightly:


So then I decided to check my ad history to see if these were somehow not registering. Today is January 28, but my ad history ends on January 27:

So what’s going on? Could it be the daily ad cap not resetting?

Thanks in advance!

Additional Info:

Browser Version:
Version 1.19.86

OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.3
Timezone: UTC +3

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I got an error while trying to visit it (sponsored image):

Edit: still the same

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@mitko17 you don’t need to click on the ad for it to count as “viewed”. Besides, I think this is a different issue and you should have his own thread.

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@themadprogramer hi,try resetting the rewards (hope there are not many bat lost)

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Well, in that case I still have the same problem as @themadprogramer because I saw it like 10 times yesterday and didn’t get rewarded once. Weird…

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So I decided not to reset my rewards hoping things would be fixed on there own, and today I received sponsored images which seem to update BAT just fine.

On a related topic, it was suggested that this may have been due to installing/updating new extensions:

But that didn’t apply in my case as I hadn’t really installed/updated anything before ads broke.

Perhaps the issue was related to ad delivery?

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Bumping this; Brave continues to ignore Sponsored Images from day to day. Is there any clear reason or?

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