Brave Rewards Not Adding Up Even Ads Are Being Shown

Yes, it is showing wrong locale. I am not in US and no, I am not using or anything like that.

Yes, I checked 30-days Ads history and it’s showing ads viewing till 17-06-22, not after that. Means, after 17th ads viewing has not been recorded or as you say flagged sort of a thing probably.

Oh, ok, so that should be an easy fix. If you were on Android or Windows, I could give you a detailed guide. But for Mac, I’ll have to hope that this guide can give you the right answer.

If your Locale on your device is not set properly, you won’t get ads and eventually will get flagged. (if you aren’t already). Make sure you set your device to show you in your actual location. Then verify to make sure it updates in Ads Diagnostics within brave://rewards-internals. The reason I say that is for Android, the Locale gets selected as part of language. On Windows, it gets selected independently under Region. I’m not sure where Brave looks for on Mac, but assuming it’s just within your region.

Easy way to know if you’ve been flagged is by disconnecting and reconnecting to Uphold. If you’re flagged it will tell you and not allow you to connect.

Btw, you mentioned in one that you’ve connected to Uphold but in the other you mentioned it not connecting. Can you verify if it’s connected and working?

Okay, I have changed location on my mac and reconnected Brave with Uphold. It seems working fine.

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 11.43.31 AM

I think this section is creating problem. However my uphold is verified as I have shared screenshots earlier but somehow it is not showing verified here.


@Saoiray See, this is how I receive ads in my phone’s brave browser and I don’t know how they are going to adjust accumulative earnings at the end of the day.

Same problem with my account.Earlier it was showing ads,not even ads are not there neither is the reward.

This 1.860 is stuck from 3 days .I cant see any ads either

Same problem. Ads have stopped showing from today and earning stuck since yesterday.

Try to unverify/verify your Uphold to see what happens.

We’re talking about your MacOS. If you’re going to speak on phone suddenly, I need to find out what you’re using. This is the first time you’ve talked about phone. If that’s an iPhone, then you CAN NOT earn BAT on it. This is because of Apple, which you can see at I just need to know for certain what you’re looking at and speaking on in terms of your phone?

This is a bit more tricky because I don’t mess with Creators, I’ve just learned about Brave Ads portion of Brave Rewards. That said, your notification there is similar to what we sometimes see and is exactly what I mentioned to you before…

This page is what I’m talking about:

You can be Verified with Uphold but if you haven’t filled out ALL of your information in the Profile, Brave won’t honor that. So you need to go to and make sure it’s all complete.

I have the same problems several months already. And support are not able to fix it. Just no any pop-up ads, only on a new tab and no rewards at all. Possibly a year already. Creating a new profile changes nothing. :rage:

Thank you so much for your constant support. I connected after 3 days, brave rewards internal is showing en-PK now. And yes earning has started increasing. So, I am just waiting if I can withdraw the earnings or not at the end of the day.

I have had a problem since June 8, 2022. Everything stopped, my rewards have not been received, the ads are showing but not being charged. The browser has updated 2 times since then and nothing has changed.

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i have the same problem, the rewards isn’t plus in Bat :confused:

@tomtom2 and @foreC

You have two options.

Option 1: Create a Support Ticket and wait for Brave to get in touch with you. They will be able to look at things on their end and see if there’s any problem to be fixed. This will only be helpful if it’s something on the back end. You can create a Support Ticket by completing the form at

Option 2: Send me a DM with the information below. I’ll do some basic troubleshooting steps and see if it’s something we can fix on your end, though there’s no promises we’ll figure things out.

  1. What device are you using?
  2. What version of Brave?
  3. Are you using a VPN or Proxy server?
  4. If you go to brave://rewards and then click on 30-day Ads History, does it show ads there? If so, does it say Viewed, Clicked, Dismissed, or what do you see?
  5. If you go to brave://rewards-internals and then click on Ad Diagnostics what Locale does it show you in? (It will say something like EN-US or whatever language and region you’re in)
  6. Are you verified? If so, try to disconnect and reconnect. If you’ve been flagged, you should get a notice at that time to let us know.
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I hope this helps you.

Just a FYI. I said to DM (Direct Message) me that info, not to post here. Reason being I try to keep Topic separate and when multiple people have issues, if you go to assist in same spot it often leads to confusion. Only because one person wants to take advice said to person #1 and pretend it’s the same problem as person #2 even if they have different circumstances. Or we get the friendly misunderstanding like the discussion about Gemini changes but that would have no impact on your seeing ads.

But I’ll go ahead and answer more here.

This is a problem. Proxy servers mask your IP which would result in what you’re saying:

If your IP address is masked or shows a different location than the Locale on your device, then you get no rewards. The reason for this is that Brave is being paid by advertisers to show ads only to people in specific regions. If they can’t verify that’s where you are, then payment can’t happen.

Yeah, so something must have happened then. Not sure if newer browser was better at things, if that’s when you started using Proxy, or what? It’s also possible you could have gotten yourself flagged. But at least we verified that your Browser is not recognizing that you’re being shown ads. (which can happen because your Locale and IP don’t match)

I’m not sure if flagged message takes priority or the idea of your region no longer being supported takes priority. In other words, you might have been flagged but the idea of you in a region no longer supported by Gemini might have been more important to show.

As Ownfilms mentioned to you, this just means Gemini has halted Brave from being able to connect to them. Brave is working on fixing that but doesn’t have any idea how long it might take before Gemini will permit them to link Brave to people in those regions again. Brave also is working on introducing new options for people to access BAT but aren’t saying much until they get closer to finishing business negotiations and legalities. In addition to that, they are trying to get p2p tipping and all, to further decentralize BAT.

All of that said, with Poland unverified, that just meant you would not be receiving BAT to Gemini. So you know, the things we did was at the Browser level. If you were connected to Gemini it would still be connected on the back-end. We’ll have to see if you get lucky on receiving anything for this next payout but chances are you won’t.

Also so you know, if they didn’t disconnect you from the back-end, it will still attempt to pay to Gemini. If Gemini did completely close off transactions from Brave due to unsupported region, that means you wouldn’t receive that payment. This might mean your BAT will look to completely disappear. If that happens, open a ticket at so they can reverse it.

that is not working either

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