Brave rewards issue on MacOS

Hi there,

I have a new Mac and added Brave and synced the data from my old machine but I don’t receive ads and rewards anymore.

What should I do?

Thank you

Syncing devices through sync does not sync rewards. Only official way is to by verifying through Uphold / Gemini.

Do you have ads set to maximum of 10 per hour ?
Don’t confuse this with you will receive 10 ads per hour, it is more like
You can receive 10 ads per hour as opposed to ‘you would’.

@SmartyAadi my account is verified with Uphold, but when I check this

brave://rewards-internals/ says:

Key info seed: Invalid

and on my old machine, it’s valid.

Could you try to verify ?
I wanna see if you are flagged or anything…

this is the result, and if I try again it does the same thing.


Ummm… I’ m not quite sure whats happening…
Do you have rewards earned ? Like do you have BATs earned ?

I do have about 175 earned BAT, but 0 in earnings. In my old Mac, I can see about 5 BAT in earnings.

175 BATs ? seriously ?

Asking since at the beginning you mentioned this being a new Mac

Why what’s wrong with that?

Like if its relatively new like a few weeks then 175 BATs is just too much

No, 175 I’ve accumulated with my old machine I’ve 0 in my new Mac.

Okay. If you have no BATs then can you just reset Brave rewards ?
Like I read posts regarding this issue, the Brave team told them to reinstall, I guess even resetting Brave rewards should work…

here’s one of them, plenty of them just got solved after reinstalling Brave or resetting Brave rewards

Thank you for your help. I’ll wait to see if someone has other tips to give and then I’ll try to reset the rewards.

Okay sure. I’ll tag people who can help as well so that you’ll get help sooner @Aman_M @rodrige Any suggestions ?

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@mfasciano Are you running the same instance of Brave on two different machines, like you have same “Rewards payment ID” on brave://rewards-internals/ in both machines? FYI, this isn’t allowed.

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El compañero describe perfectamente la situaciòn. Yo tengo 36 BATs acumulados en un android y no hay forma de que me los abone en el monedero. Obviamente los 36 son de varios meses, pero me temo que los terminare perdiendo. Ademàs, en otros dispositivos este mes daba la sensaciòn que se me iban a abonar, ya que efectivamente, aparecia el mensaje que las recompensas ya estàn aqui, solicitalas, algo que hice, pero … nada. Muy mal por brave, y asi durante mucho tiempo. Cada mes un problema nuevo, y sin ayuda alguna del Soporte.

Please, contact Brave Support

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@Aman_M the reward payment ID it’s different