Brave rewards fees?

How much fee is taken from tips, because on several occasions I’ve sent tips but only small amount got through?

For an example:
Last time I tipped 20 BAT and only 2.38 BAT got through.
Where did 17.62 BAT go, that is 88.1% of the amount i have sent?

Anyone or nobody cares? :slight_smile:

Hi Ekeke…

No fees are offically mentioned and as long as the browser is kept open to process the full transaction all should transfer across.

From own experience though I have experience the same issue and so have others.

Your tip amount and what actually was received seems really strange…

My example 20 sent 19 received.

Hopefully an official board member can answer the question

I’d also like to know this. I was checking this page to see if I could find any information:
It has no mentions on fees so my guess is that all of your tip should go through, meaning that there might have been an issue with the process :thinking:

@ekeke @vekariya17 @Rod1022 there’s 5% fee for each contribution.

Thanks Eljuno, on another thread I did try to point out if there was a 5% fee but it wasn’t clear.

Could this be highlighted when users are making a tip that the end user will not get the full amount due to the processing fees’s?

Back to the original post… that is certainly more than 5%.

Thank you for your replies guys.

So basically I can kiss my BAT goodbye… I mean missing amount hehe

cc @Mattches @Asad for additional assistance here for your original issue.

@vekariya17 sorry it wasn’t clear to you in the other thread – there’s definitely a 5% fee for tips and auto-contribute.

@ekeke – there’s a bug with the tipping panel where sometimes tips don’t go through fully if the program is closed too early. We’re definitely working on fixing a bunch of bugs around tipping in general. Send me a PM and i’ll see if there’s some way we can get you back your missing BAT.


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