Brave Rewards Display and Wallet Verification

Description of the issue:
For some reason, when I tap on the rewards button in the top right of the screen, it shows that I have 0 BAT, but when I tap on “settings” it shows that I have 1.000 BAT. No sure what is up with that, but that’s not my main issue. I’m trying to link my browser with my Uphold Wallet. I know that I must verify my wallet in the browser, but I don’t see the button to do so. Am I missing something? Thanks for the help.

**Operating System and Brave Version
Brave Version - 1.22.71
O.S. - Android 11

This is due to the current 25 BAT minimum verification limit. At this time, we have a minimum amount of BAT in wallet required to verify your mobile device (25 BAT). Note that we are currently adjusting this restriction to be more lenient for users, hopefully landing those changes in the next few browser updates.
Additionally, I believe there is an issue where the verification button doesn’t appear at all unless you have the 25 BAT in wallet, even though it should. This is likely the reason you’re not seeing the option appear in the panel at all.

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