Brave rewards disappeared recently

I am using brave browser since long time but i got an issue today
Yesterday i have more than 6 BAT but today it’s showing only 2 BAT and i never tipped
I’ve also turned off auto contribution
please help me to get my BAT back…Thanks in advance

when they will release update?

There was an update yesterday… mobile not deployed yet though…

From the release notes:

  • Fixed estimated pending rewards not correctly reflecting claims. (#15801)

EDIT: The version number in the link is wrong… should read 1.25.68

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my brave browser in pc have same version and it is up to date but still missing some BAT

Then your totals were wrong and were corrected… @BuNNty posted a link above describing why you would see the pending bat DECREASE.

but i am counting from past one month and i didn’t received any payment too

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