BAT disappeared from Wallet after verifying Gemini Wallet

As soon as i connect my gemini account with brave the BAT in my account disappeared. Is there anything i can do about it or its gone?


this just happened to me too. I just made an account with Gemini and linked it with brave and all of my BAT disappeared! It’s not on my Gemini account either. This happened about an hour ago, hopefully it shows up later today.

EDIT: It appeared in my account. Took a few days

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still haven’t received anything into my gemini account. all my BAT disappeared!

EDIT: It finally appeared after a few days

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How can we contact support? This happened to me two, had been saving BAT for a year and everything is gone!

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Same here linked to Gemini and all my BAT disappeared

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same thing happened to me yesterday, up until now, i still can’t find my BAT neither on brave or gemini.

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Same here, been more than 2 days still have no idea where my BAT went

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I just received mine after 4 days. They should’ve put some message which indicates the time duration of the process. Anyway, thanks to the tech. support team for their work.

I just checked and mine is there too

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