Brave Rewards: Didn't receive free token grant

I would like to address my concern to you all. I would like to know why I didn’t get a free BAT token when I registered to brave. When others got their free token. It’s unfair for me not to get any BAT. I am already fully verified. Help me solve this issue please. Thank you!

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@prick17 did you asking as publisher or user?

What did you mean by “fully verified”?

As a publisher. I would like to know why I am not earning any BAT? What’s the problem? All the instructions and step have been followed.

@prick17 as a publisher;

  • you can receive contribution and tips from your viewers/fans
  • or via referral program for publisher

If there’s no one that sent tip and/or include your channel on their auto-contribute list, then your BAT will not increased.

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