Never get any token. R u giving token to only youtuber with too many following?

Hi , I don’t understand is every 1 who use brave browser get paid by bat token?? Or only those who have too many refers get bat???.I never get any token. Last month get only 6.70 but don’t get it into my uphold. This months won’t get any still now.can u help me about that matter by telling me how to earn bat.,(nb, I m using brave every day night.)

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@Lizasrahman1284 did you asking as publisher/creator or as a user?

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Is it matter??? Asking u as a publisher/creator. Idnt getting any token since I start using brave. Why I need to know what is wrong with my account. Thnx

Because there’s a different between user and publisher, @Lizasrahman1284.

As a publisher:

  • you can receive contribution and tips from your viewers/fans,
  • or via referral program for publisher

If there’s no one that sent tip and/or include your channel on their auto-contribute list, then your BAT will not increased.

As a user:

  • you can opt-in to Brave Ads in order to earn BAT; available for supported regions.

Hi dear, is it mean that for using brave browser I am not getting any things??? No ads coming to me so no earning???

:point_up: More regions support support is coming. Thanks for your patience.

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