Brave rewards are worthless if we can't do anything with them

I see a lot of people posting the same problem. I’ve been saving up my rewards for maybe three years now, because I’ve never been able to cash out. So, now we can connect our wallets to Uphold and verify it. Well my funds won’t show up on uphold. I have a decent amount of BAT. I love your Browser but dealing with 5 ads an hour for years, simply because I hoped to make money from it, and never being able to cash it out is frustrating. I recently got a new phone. I can’t even merge my BAT to my new device. I have once before and it won’t let me now. There are still a lot of bugs. I’ve been seeing you all say “we are working on it” for a long time. I’m not going to stop using Brave but I figured it’s about time for me to say something. Don’t give out rewards if we can’t actually have them. Then no one makes the mistake of allowing ads to pop up.

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