Brave rewards and payouts

so , i haven’t seen this discussed the same as i want so i am making a new thread in hopes that someone might answer me , i started using brave a month ago , i don’t have a verified uphold wallet or gemini so i am using just normal brave rewards , i finished the month today with 1.1+ BAT on my estimated earnings , and today it got reset to 0 and next payment is on january , where did my bats go ? where am i supposed to get them ? checked brave rewards , my balance is 0 , checked my wallet and balance is 0 there as well , so what happened ?

That´s because when a new month arrives, the BATs are being proccesed for payment. You should wait until all payouts are complete (in a week or two). In the meantime, you can still see ads I assume, so you can still earn rewards and they will be processed the next month.

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There was already a perfect thread for you.

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