Brave Rewards didn't payout me this month. Idk wht

Well, I didn’t receive my payout this month, and I don’t know why, cause’ it’s supposed to be today when I’d earn them. Please, I need help. And I have a verified account, connected to Uphold.
Also, I went through Brave Rewards Statement to see my current history, and It didn’t show nothing, literally it’s empty.

Hello everyone. In the month of January I received my BATs at Uphold with no problems. Today would be the day to receive again, but I didn’t have any new BATs because my account got unverified again for no apparent reason. I already got the issue resolved with Uphold (had to do a selfie verification) and was wondering if I lost all my BATs for the month of January or if there is still any hope! Thanks!

Yes… I have the same problem… Help please

hi juan-zola, the payout are still processing so you have to wait a little more. Probably before the end of the day you going to receive it

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Hi everyone,

It is best advised to submit a ticket to our Rewards Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you!

Redirected to support form