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Hello everyone.

I started using Brave on my computer with ads enabled. After installing it on my phone the reward ads do not pop up on the desktop but only on the phone. Is it possible to switch the ads pop-ups back to my desktop without uninstalling Brave from my phone?

Thank you

The two are unrelated even though it appears as soon as you enabled on phone this happened. Check your windows level settings to make sure ads are enabled for brave itself. check here to see if the ads are able to show up on your machine. Furthermore, there could just not be ads available currently for your PC. check here to see ads currently available. . This site is not always totally accurate but it gives you at least an idea.


Thanks for the link. After clicking on the push notification test. A window popped up asking me for how long I want to allow this. I chose forever.
I restarted Brave and then went to brave://rewards and I can see the ads are switched off. When I try to turn them back on, nothing happens, it just stays off. I’ve got the latest brave running on a mac mini (M1, 2020).

It looks like a bug to me. Please let me know if you have any more suggestions, I could try.

Thank you

Try seeing if an admin can help assist. @Mattches or @GreenBananaPorridge

Can you go to your brave://rewards-internals page and tell me whether or not there is a wallet payment ID there or it has a wallet not created yet message?

Hello Mattches

It has a wallet not created yet message

Thank you for checking. Unfortunately, this means that your wallet is currently in a corrupted state. We can resolve this by resetting your Rewards wallet. Do you have any BAT in your wallet at this time?

Yes I did have some. Nevermind, please let me know how can I reset it.

Thank you

Can you please show me how much BAT is in your browser wallet before you go ahead and reset?


In Brave wallet at the moment is 0 but I have around £15 in uphold wallet.

In that case, you can reset your browser wallet by going to Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Gear icon (on the top right) --> [Reset]


I went to brave://settings/ then chose Reset Settings. It didn’t help. I also removed Brave from Applications and re-install latest version with no luck.

Is there something on the user settings I should be looking at? I’m going to create a new account and see if Brave works there.

On your brave://rewards-internals page (General info tab), do you see a wallet payment ID there or does it say “wallet not created yet”?

Yes it says: wallet not created yet.

When I try to verify my uphold wallet. I get this message:

Uphold requires a minimum balance of 15BAT to create an account. If you connected an account previously, continue to login.

I click on continue to login, an uphold page comes up, which disappears very quickly (I can only read the text authorise application) and then this message pops up:

Your request is still being processed, please wait. Sorry there was a problem, processing your request , please try again.

This message stays there for about 40 seconds and then disappears and I’m taken back to


I can confirm that I have an uphold account and can login on a different tab.

Thank you

It says: wallet not created yet.

Not sure if it’s related or not but when I try to verify my uphold wallet, (which has already been done in the past), I choose Uphold wallet then continue to login. I’m directed to the uphold page which disappears very quickly. All I have time to read is authorisation application.

Finally a window pops up with this message:

Your request is still being processed, please wait.
Sorry there was a problem processing your request, please try again.

I can confirm that I can login to my uphold account on a different tab.

I just went to brave://rewards/ then on the right-hand side, I clicked on manage your wallet. A window popped up, where I selected the reset tab and then clicked Reset.

That seems to have done the trick :slight_smile:. I can switch on and off the ads now and verify my uphold wallet.

Thank you

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