Brave reward shows 0 every month even though i get ads, and it shows estimate earning something but still 0 help!

My Brave reward every month shows 0 even tho I get ads I have turned on ads and it still shows estimated earnings of 0.030 and 0.059, but every month it is the same issue still 0 facing the same issue with the mobile also android currently using, this has been the issue every month i haven’t received anything, have been using brave for a long time now and i am connected to zebpay also and i am located in India.
Windows 10
Brave version:1.59.120
thanks !


@maddy.lofi nothing will show up in the statements. The statements are for vBAT only, which is going away soon and you’ve not been able to earn since the beginning of the year. We just get paid directly to the exchange we have.

Seeing as you’re in India, you wouldn’t have been able to earn all of this year, pretty much. If you had been connected in September and earned anything, including any prior vBAT, you should have received that in this month’s payout. If you did not connect to ZebPay until October, then your first payout will be in November.

Thanks for replying
i am connected with zebpay tho, i havent received any bat, but i had an office pc with had 30 bat in it, but i couldn’t, take it out since at that time there was no zebpay or anything and uphold was closed for the south asian people, so will i receive that?
or when will i receive some bat it says estimated earning every month but i get 0

@maddy.lofi I answered your question to a point. Let me rephrase. When did you connect to ZebPay?

If you connected in September, you should have received your first payment this month.

If you connected in October, you receive payment in November.

i connected it in September I guess, but i will wait tho i havent received anything

@maddy.lofi If you have no clue, you can always complete a Rewards Support Ticket at At least those at Brave can look into it and make sure no issues.

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