My BAT balance shows 0

I recently connected to ZebPay in India in Brave Beta (Windows, version 1.58.109) and started receiving Brave ads. In the reward panel, it only shows estimated earnings, but my BAT balance shows 0.000 BAT. Please help, what should I do?

That’s because the balance being shown is your balance in ZebPay. Since you just linked to it and haven’t received any payments yet, it’s obviously going to be 0.

Your estimated earnings should increase and begin showing a range as you view ads. That said let me ask, are you saying you had any vBAT on that browser before linking to ZebPay?

I had no vBAT before.

Could you please help me understand if my estimated earnings of 0.580 - 0.790 BAT mean that I have already earned that amount in BAT, or if it’s just a display? Also, is this BAT something I will receive in the next month after payment?

I’m asking because I’ve never used Brave rewards before, and it’s banned in India.

Ok, so then seeing a balance of 0 makes sense, as you have not yet earned anything and received payments.

This means based on the number of ads served and what it believes you might have seen, you have earned that estimate. The reason it doesn’t give a solid number is it later confirms things on the back end and tries to ready payments. Not every ad will be reconciled and the numbers can change.

In the past, the estimated earnings would be a solid number, such as 0.790. But then someone might have received a payment that was 0.784 and they would write to complain why their payment was different. Due to this confusion, Brave has put in a payment range to try to be more transparent and hope that people can understand that it’s just an estimate.

Yes. Your estimated earning accrue throughout the month. Then on the final day or so of each month, it will decrease to 0. Then around the 8th of each month, give or take, you receive your payments from what you earned in the prior month. Those days or weeks between the end of the month and when you receive payment is when things are being reconciled on the back end and payments are being processed.

It goes through and pulls funds from where advertisers paid, then Brave has to send that to your account. Once sent, your custodial partner has to receive it and distribute it to your account. There can sometimes be delays in any of those processes. Though it’s being consistently improved on for speed and reliability.

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Your explanation was very helpful, thank you

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