Brave reward not credited getting fooled

I haven’t receive brave rewards in gemini.

I was supposed to get around 4.8 BAT for this month, then I got message as 0.25 BAT to be claimed, and I claimed it. That also did not get credited. Now nothing is credited and I am showing congrats your march reward has arrived.

Yeah, it happens to everyone in today’s payment release… certainly a bug in brave because if you linked a custodian wallet(means you are verified), that claim button should not show up because payments are pushed automatically to the external wallet based on previous instances… I hope this will be fixed soonest


The same thing happened to me. I was supposed to get 5.186 BAT but got a Claim message of 0.25 BAT. Now, I don’t even get 0.25 BAT in my Gemini account. @steeven Please explain this.


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