Brave Reward, 40 BAT starting

Hi, I downloaded the Brave browser on 28th October, but I didn’t have receive the 40 BAT yet. Do I have to wait for a long period?

@Tollo00, Welcome to the Brave community.
May I know if you have turned on the brave reward?

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Brave is a web browser
Token grants are limited and on a first come first serve basis

Token grant’s are ment for supporting content creator’s you like
If there is a token grant available there will be a notification in the red triangle besides the url bar
Brave rewards users via BAT (basic attention token) for watching privacy respecting ads (subject to availability in your region)
No automatic BAT deposit happens
Get BAT from a occasional token grant
Get BAT from watching privacy respecting aads
Get BAT by inviting potential users to the platform from creators page

Yes, I turned on. And now I also lost my BAT that I accumulated in this month, and I don’t know why.
My wallet is empty.

please go through these

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