Friend creat account, no BAT?

i have invited friend to use Brave browser and he don’t have 30-35 BAT (starter balance) why ?
You have disable the “free airdrop Token” ?


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Hi @tomato34,

This month grants is not available yet. And grants is not only for ‘new users’ but for ‘all users on desktop’ with limited supplies each month. So you can claim grants as long as supplies are still available.


Ahhh okey thanks !
what will be the grants date ?

No exact date @tomato34. You can wait for a notification on your Brave (Rewards triangle icon at URL bar) when grants is available. :wink:

Hi Eljuno, is there a calculation on how many grants BAT tokens a user gonna receive or it is equally divided to everyone?

@Gwapoman each user will receive same amount of BAT. ~5 USD in BAT (depend on the price when it’s available).

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