Brave reset itself

Description of the issue:
I started my computer today and opened brave and I saw first the size and the position of the window was reset then I saw that all my settings were reset and that I lost all my sessions, auto-fill information, stats, brave wallet, etc.

My favorites and extension are surprisingly still there and I still have my cache and sessions files in AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default with more than 4 GB used but my current brave session isn’t using them anymore.

I did a normal shutdown yesterday.
I don’t have another profile available in brave.
I was using the brave sync feature.

How can this issue be reproduced?

I just started my computer, no update, nothing. It was random.

Expected result:

Not to reset itself

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.34.81 Chromium: 97.0.4692.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

If anyone know how to get Brave to use my local sessions and cache files again it would be helpfull. Thank you

Thank you for reaching out and apologies for the long wait on this.
First, this is a known issue that comes in various flavors — but the team is aware and trying to resolve it:

You can help us resolve it and (potentially) your specific issue by providing the following information:

  • You mentioned using Sync — can you please share a screenshot of your brave://sync-internals page so we can take a look and see if Sync had any part in this?

  • Can you please go to brave://crashes and see if there are any recent crash reports (especially if on the day this issue occurred)? If so, please send them (if they’re not already automatically sent, you’ll see the option to do so on that page below each crash entry) and reply back here with the crash report ID.

  • It would also be helpful to see screenshots of both the brave://version page as well as the brave://system page (with everything expanded).

Hi, I also have this problem regularly each time I restart my computer or just shutdown Brave. Where can I provide the screenshots you asked to Drarox?

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