Brave Reset All My Passwords and deleted all my alternative profile s

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.I Restarted my pc and brave deleted all my passwords cookies and destroyed my sync chain
2.I am not sure on how this can be reproduced

Expected result:
I’v seen an influx of people having this problem on the forums, maybe someone can help me get my data and profiles back

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.50.121

Additional Information:
Nothing else to add

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@Lakh I’m going to have a lot of questions for you, as there are many different things happening to people who have reported similar issues. For example, some created new profiles on accident. Others had extensions like Malwarebytes that did it. In yet others, it was because of things like Avast. Obviously the list can keep going. Brave is investigating but it’s not easy because there’s not been any one thing in particular causing this problem. In addition, it’s not happening very widely and can’t be replicated. It makes it like finding a needle in a haystack sometimes.

Anyway, can you advise:

  • Which version of Windows are you using?

  • If you’re using extensions, could you share a list of which ones you’re using?

  • If you check your profiles, do you have an extra one made? (You can Ctrl + Shift + m to open the profile menu, does it just show only one or do you have another one there?)

  • Do you have anything like cCleaner, Avast, etc on your device?

  • When you mention it destroyed your sync chain, what do you mean? Did all devices get removed or you’re just saying that device no longer was on chain? (if other devices still there, you should have been able to add to sync and retrieve data, where nothing lost)

  • If you go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData and then to On Exit tab, do you have anything checked?

  • If you think back to before you restarted your PC and lost your info, can you remember what else you had been doing? For example, did you download anything or do any updates to either your PC or any apps/programs?

There may be more questions later, but that’s the stuff off the top of my head for now.

I’m using version 1.50.121 (I’m not sure which version i was using at the time but it mightve been an older version)
The Extensions i was using were
-Google Translate

  • Teleparty
  • Honey
  • Cookie Editor
    I don’t have any other profiles made as they were all wiped
    I don’t have any third party cleaners on my device
    The sync chain was also on my phone which was also removed
    I remember unchecking those boxes when i started using brave but now that i check it all of them are checked and set on “last hour”
    I was downloading a game from steam

@Mattches I wanted to tag you in on this as I know you’re currently investigating similar issues. Though this one is looking different. Any idea why sync chain would vanish off of multiple devices?

So if I’m understanding correctly, after restarting your computer, all your browsing data was deleted and all your devices on the Sync chain were removed? What happens when you go to brave://settings/braveSync/setup now?

I made a new sync profile so now it shows me the new one

Hello @Lakh ,

Which OS do you use? Is it Windows?

i use windows’s operating system
windows 10 home

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