Brave removing/stealing BAT from Uphold account?

Up until now, I have been receiving my BAT monthly. This month I received it on Aug. 6, and today, Brave withdrew BAT from my Uphold account. Why all of a sudden is Brave taking from my account? I didn’t authorize anyone to steal from my account.

It looks like your AutoContribute is On.

It’s not on. Hasn’t been on for well over a year. I had it on a long time ago and it was supposed to contribute to creators, but Brave stole the entire thing and the creator received nothing. And Brave staff here told me that it’s common for Brave to take it and keep it.

What amount of withdrawal?

It’s only 1 BAT, but it shouldn’t be anything.

@MajorPainage If it is any comforting, this issue is being worked upon that will notify users before sending auto-contribution-

Auto-contribution has to be turned off in all linked devices linked to Uphold/Gemini. If you are 100% sure it was off in all of them then you should raise a support ticket here-

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I don’t have a lot of faith in the support here from past experience. It could be a good system but it seems things are broke more often then fixed. Like the ads, if I set it to 3 ads an hour, or 10 ads an hours, I seem to make the same or less than the lower setting. So many issues.

That’s because it isn’t a guarantee of how many ads you’ll see. That setting is the maximum amount of ads you’ll see. What will matter is how many ad campaigns are in your area, targeting your device, and that you’re not preventing from displaying. (Not saying intentionally, but like if you’re watching a movie in full screen…it won’t deliver ads to you. Or if you’re on Windows and don’t have Focus Assist turned off completely, it might prevent notifications. Little things like that…)

If it’s 1 BAT, surely it’s contribution related.

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