Brave took 20 BAT from my uphold account

Brave took 20 BAT from my uphold account on March 17th without my permission. I use brave on multiple devices but on all of them I have automatic contributions turned off.

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did you find a way to get the BAT back? Is there anyway to contact Brave International about the funds they decide to take without our consent?

I have also had this on the 3rd of March*, contacting uphold about why this transaction was made brought me back to here. We need a way to see a transaction history that spans all brave browsers connected to a wallet.

This way users can not only troubleshoot their own transaction history and find browsers they may have contributed on or use the in-depth history to help Brave the company resolve issues like this.

*Note: All my browsers have auto contribute turned off, and I have yet to use the tip feature. This transaction was unauthorised.

A few months ago it appeared that from my Uphold wallet, I sent @BravePublishers an amount of BATs, which I did not do.
I NEVER made that transaction.
What could happen?

I just noticed the same thing - it actually took 20 BAT from multiple browsers for a total of 40 BAT. I know 100% that auto-contributions were turned off. It’s the first thing I do. Who can we contact? I guess things could be worse than losing free money, but this seems wrong…

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