Brave Release reinstalled itself after IMHO a complete uninstall



Description of the issue:
Brave release reinstalled itself after uninstall
Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
After uninstalling ‘Release’ and cleaning computer I installed ‘Beta’. Set up personal preferences, restored bookmarks ( most manually + 1 imported folder.) Everything seem fine as I even posted to this forum.
Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
Shut down computer. Next morning booted and my desktop was missing bookmark folders. Further investigation revealed that I have Beta and Release open at the same time, and multiple tabs already opened. I only clicked the Brave beta icon on the left end of my tray ( where I always place it).

  1. Notice the Brave Icon in center (which was also open) is not beta.
    2.Notice no bookmark folders.
    3.Notice dark theme URL bar. Went to setting from this screen and it shows default theme, it should not be black

Expected result:
Should have opened to a clean NTP.
Reproduces how often:
After a lot of screenshots and looking around Brave opens as I left it the night before with all bookmarks, preferences, and settings. (after reboot)
**Brave Version(about:brave):**Beta 57.8 however while both release & beta no longer open together I have both on my computer.

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no):

**Additional Information:**I moved to Beta because of some minor annoyances which I had commented on in the community. I further suspect the this current anomaly is related to BAT rewards and the problems with the new tab page. Have more documentation and screenshots. Currently not changing anything (changes) except to use browser which behaves normally now.
However I want this ‘Zombie Release’ off my desktop. If this means wiping HHD, clearing CMOS, and reinstalling OS with the browser of the future (Brave) so be it. @Mattches please advise how to proceed,while be glad to assist in any way.


Well this is humbling . Took my own advice , " the search on this site has lots of helpful advice". Developed that habit from posts from the Leader pictured below.

That “Zombie Release” was no match for a terminal and the rm -rf command.
All is well and this may be closed as far as I am concerned.

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