Brave randomly freezes the computer

Description of the issue: Brave seems to freeze the computer randomly on Linux, keys are not responding anymore, a hard reboot is necessary to get back to normal.

How can this issue be reproduced?:

  1. Install brave or (or preceding versions) on a recent Linux desktop
  2. Use it until it the computer computer is frozen.

Expected result: No crash when browsing.

Brave Version( check About Brave): brave-bin 1:1.20.103-1 on AUR and some version before.

Additional Information:

  • I tried to disable the Hardware acceleration, it crashed as well.
  • Once, I Iet a terminal opened with htop: when it has frozen I observed that RAM memory was around 15% full and the 8 CPU cores were at 5% usage.
  • This appeared the first time around November 2020. It seems to crash suddently when interacting with the Brave browser. There is no link between the preceding user action before the crash, seems random.
  • My setup : Arch 5.10.11-arch1-1, 16GB DDR3 RAM, nVidia Titan black with nvidia 460.39-8 driver, with frequent system update.
  • It has never happened on my laptop with Arch (5.4.90-1-LTS) with brave-bin 1:1.12.112-2, 32GB RAM with hardware acceleration.
  • EDIT: I don’t have any extensions installed.

I have switched to 5.10.17-1-lts on my desktop to see if it improves anything.

Btw, thank you all for your great work !

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Facing the same issue in pop os

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