Brave Publishers me robó

Recibí mi pago de 1.35 BAT y se han enviado automáticamente a “@BravePublishers” 1.25 BAT y yo no he enviado nada por favor resuélvanme ese problema no entiendo porque se envió automáticamente esa cantidad y me quedaron 0.5 BAT

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@steeven , please solve my problem! i want my money back!

For referrals or contributions?

no van a pagar lo de febrero? estamos a 12 de marzo y sigue sin llegarme el pago a uphold al parecer ya no lo hicieron, tengo mas de 100 BAT

I received 1.35 BAT to my uphold account and they were automatically sent to BravePublisers and I have not done anything, I generated my earnings by watching the ads because I do not have the option of referrals available, it would also be useful to have it, could you return my 1.35 BAT?

@nayeli did you disable Auto-Contribute?

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