Brave Rewards profile is flagged 1

Hi, I got this message when I’ve tried log in brave and uphold account, could you help me, please.

I didn’t received rewards since June. Never got that message but i think i have the same problem. don’t expect help from support, they do not answer.

file a ticket, they answer all of them.

How much time does it take?

depends on how busy they are, longest I’ve ever waited for a reply was one week. shortest was a matter of hours.

I’m almost there but i’ll wait, and this is new it stays spinning for ever and not able to click on connect

oops didn’t see the can’t click connect bit. not sure about that one.

Just restart your device and Brave. Maybe even force stop it and open brave again

This issue has been going for a while now. I too get it on my Android sometimes. For me restarting Brave works most times if not then restarting the device sure does the trick

@Bravesupport raised my flagged account ticket (205329) 6th July, does it take this long normally?

Can Brave send a post out ref this flagged account issue, the amount of people being affected is getting out of hand, you are losing users that are innocent of any wrong doing buy like me are being locked out without a warning or explanation.

Yes, with the number of tickets received, it’s taking a while. Well, many got unflagged and will receive the due payments in August payout.

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