Brave Private Window with TOR reports NO Internet Connection

I’m a newer user of Brave. I installed it on my system some time ago, but used it only a few times, and those were with the Private Window with TOR, and all worked OK.

An hour ago, I started Brave and selected a Private Window with TOR from the menu. The new window opened and I was able to access the web successfully. I shut down the browser and then reopened ti a short time ago. This time when I opened the Private Window with TOR, I got a message from Emsisoft Anti-Malware that it had detected suspicious activity in one of the Brave subfolders. I shut down Brave and ran a malware scan but nothing was found. I then started Brave once more and selected Private Window with TOR. This time, when I entered a web address, I got a white screen and a message telling me that there was no internet connection. Clicking the DETAILS box gave a message that there was no proxy server. I was instructed to go into setting and uncheck “Use a Proxy Server” in the LAN settings. I looked there and there was no check mark next to this option. I tried the Private Window with TOR again but still got the same results.

I’m using Windows 7 32-bit.

Does anyone have an idea or suggestion on how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance…!!!


Hi, it’s not your problem, it’s global. I have the same error when using Brave Tor. Hopefully the will fix it soon


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Problem still exists. Don’t want it to close.

Interesting, because I have the same problem (no internet on Brave Tor, but works otherwise) on a laptop I’ve been using for sometime, but a new one just bought, I downloaded Brave and there was Tor connected to the Internet on the new laptop.
That would suggest some other issue.

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